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What are the requirements for obtaining a ministerial housing allowance?

Housing allowance is one of the misunderstood topics under ministerial compensation. To determine solutions, we take the time to learn the clients’ relevant information such as their previous year’s housing allowance and future expectations to come up with effective strategies and maximize the benefit of housing allowance.

Do you offer tax planning?

Yes. We aim for ministers and church employees to learn how they can save greatly from taxes given that they have various tax advantages but without available knowledge on how they can benefit from them. We believe that a minister’s first step for tax planning should start with learning about their advantages and maximize their tax savings.

When should I consider myself self-employed as a minister?

The day that you are commissioned, licensed, or ordained, the IRS will require that you be considered as self-employed for Medicare and Social Security tax purposes, which is also collectively known as “SECA” tax. With this, the church will no longer be able to remit or withhold either of these taxes on the minister’s behalf. Unless the minister has formally filed his IRS Form 4361 to opt out, he will have to pay self-employment tax on all earnings from the church when filing the tax return.

What do we do when our organization has never filed an IRS Form 990?

This is not a problem. When you lack sufficient knowledge on filing the requirements, DMG Professional Services is happy to assist you. We will help you file delinquent tax returns and assist you in your attempts to reinstate your organization’s exempt status should it be revoked.

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